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Farm field with row cropsPart I: The Hidden Problem

The resources provided in this section should allow you to get a more clear and accurate understanding of the situation for child farmworkers in America. By reading reports and articles, as well as first-person accounts from child farmworkers themselves, you will better appreciate the human impact of this hidden problem. The first step in addressing a public policy issue is being able to clearly and persuasively articulate what the problem is and why it is important to address. This section will provide you with materials to develop that argument.

A NOTE ABOUT NUMBERS: As you review various resources, you may come across some conflicting data. For example, the number of child farmworkers in America is a hotly contested question, with estimates ranging from 150,000 to 1.2 million. This Web site uses the Child Labor Coalition’s estimate of 500,000 as its accepted number. As you review various sources, feel free to consider which you deem to be most reliable. Also, ask yourself why these data may be so difficult to accurately count.


Video Introduction

  • Texas Onion Fields
    An excerpt from the “Stolen Childhoods” video about child labor around the world

What Is the Problem?

Who Are Child Farmworkers?

How Are They Affected?

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